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"I provide joy, community and connection, through energizing food that feeds the souls of your guests"

Hey y'all hey!

I was born and raised in Hartford,  the daughter of West Indian immigrants and a loving mother to two amazing children.


As an expression of my West Indian roots - Jamaica stand up! - I started my catering company, Taste of Decadence, where I make the best Caribbean inspired cuisine from my family recipes.


I am known for the balanced spices in my jerk chicken recipe and the fire I bring with my personality. Known as the red loc'd chef, my passion is building relationships that unite people in finding solutions to community issues. 

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 Food from the diaspora Caribbean islands. The biggest influence on the foods of the region is that of the African slaves, so meals generally include lots of cassava, yam, bananas and jerk

Joy is

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Dang that's
real good!

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